Thursday, December 17, 2009

Experiments & Modeling of Steel Beam-To-Column Connections

"The study investigated five types of steel beam-to-column connections. The global rotational spring stiffness values of these connections were determined through laboratory testing and these values were used in the semi-rigid structural analysis where a rotational spring was introduced at the ends of the beams near the connection to the columns. A comparison between the semi-rigid elastic analysis the conventional rigid elastic analysis shows that moment-rotation and the load-deflection relationships as predicted using the elastic spring model are close to the experimental results. Therefore the study concluded that the rotational spring stiffness values obtained experimentally may be used to represent the degree of moment rigidity of the connections; thus improving the structural model." This is the abstract of the undergraduate research conducted by Angelo Lapuz, Christopher Camina and Danilo Baluyot, Jr. at DLSU-Manila.

Oreta & Lapuz (Rightmost) at the RSID2009 - Bangkok, Thailand
This research was presented by Engr. Angelo Lapuz in various conferences like the Regional Symposium on Infrastructure Development (RSID) held in Bangkok, Thailand last Jan 2009 and the Philippine Institute of Civil Engineers (PICE) National Convention held in Baguio City last Nov 2009.