Monday, October 25, 2010

Theory of Structures Laboratory - Moment in a Beam

A new laboratory course in Theory of Structures was introduced in the DLSU BSCE curriculum. In this course, students perform laboratory experiments using TecQuipment Strucures Apparatus to investigate the behavior of simple structural members.
The first equipment used was the STR2 Moment in a Beam Apparatus. In this experimental set-up, hanger and masses are applied at specific points of the beam. There is a “cut” on the beam where the bending moment can be computed by measuring the force sensor (F) with a moment arm d from the cut. The experimental moment is equal to F times d.
The students performed two experiments using STR2. Expt. No. 1 investigated the relationship of the Moment with varying point load. A point load with increasing magnitude was applied on the beam and the Moment at a "cut" was observed. In Expt No. 2, the students observed the Moment at the "cut" when a moving load with constant magnitude was applied on the beam. They were able to derive an experimental influence line and compared with the theory.