Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Advocacy Guide for the Campaign for Safe Schools and Hospitals

“Awareness is the first step towards action” . This is the main rationale for the One Million Safe Schools and Hospitals Advocacy Guide. This primer aims to raise the awareness of the primary stakeholders of schools and hospitals - the young children, teachers, parents, medical doctors, nurses, technicians, administrators, government and the public on the urgency of making schools and hospitals safer especially in hazard-prone regions. The guide presents in simple terms the concepts of safety, hazard, vulnerability and risk and provides the reader key questions for self assessment and reflection regarding the safety conditions of his/her school or hospital. Once the need for safer schools and hospitals is appreciated, the reader will be motivated to make a pledge in the One Million Safe Schools and Hospitals Campaign to create a demand to make our schools and hospitals safer.

Read the One Million Safe Schools and Hospitals Advocacy Guide and learn more on how you can contribute in making schools and hosptials safer. Visit the campaign website at