Monday, February 27, 2017

10 Leadership Principles of De La Salle for the present times

 St. John Baptist De La Salle was the founder of the Lasallian schools and the community of Lasallian brothers and educators with the order F.S.C. (Fratres Scholarum Christianarum).  St. De La Salle is the patron saint of teaches because he was the pioneer in the training and formation of lay teachers during his time. That's what I know only about De La salle after teaching at DLSU for more than 20 years. 

After attending a spiritual retreat with my co-faculty of the CE Department with Br. Michael Broughton, FSC as the facilitator, I came to understand who De La Salle is. I become interested about his life that I searched for books about him at the DLSU library. I found the book, De La Salle, CEO by Napoleon G. Almonte which is about 10 leadership principles that can be practically be applied by young leaders, teachers and managers of organizations. I contacted the author earlier asking him where the book can be purchased. According to him it is under revision for the 2nd edition but until now there is no copy available. I even suggested that to the President of DLSU Manila to share this book to all faculty and administrators because I believe very few (students, teachers, staff and administrators of DLSU) really know De La Salle.

 I was surprised that in our library there are reading rooms in honor of Philippine heroes and Lasalian scholars BUT there is no reading corner or room about the founder, Sr. John Baptist De Lasalle. The DLSU library has an archive of De La Salle but the books are not easily accessible. I suggested to the library and to the DLSU administrators to create one so that students, teachers and staff will get to know more about De La Salle. There was positive feedback but still I am still looking forward for the De La Salle Corner where reading materials, video and even a live La Salle brother is there to talk about St. De La Salle.

 What are the principles that the modern day teacher and administrator can learn form De La Salle  that he/she can apply in the modern times. While there is no reading room yet about De La Salle, I produced these slides to share the life and leadership of principles of De La Salle. I apologize to the author if his sale for the 2nd edition maybe affected negatively. But I think this is a promotion of the book. It's about time we get to know and apply these principles in our daily life.