Friday, April 8, 2011

Oreta TIMBER Awards 2011

At the end of the school term,  I recognize the perfromance of the students in accomplishing the requirements in our Timber Design and Laboratory class through what I dubbed as the "ORETA TIMBER AWARDS." The requirements in the laboratory course are: (1) A Field Visit to a Lumber Yard, Construction Site or Timber Structures, (2) A Field Visit to the Annual WolrdBEX, (3) Design of a Wood Floor Framing System, (4) Design of a Wood Roof Framing System, and (5) Research on a Topic Related to Wood. There is actualy no prize just a recognition. This year's awardees are:
In my Timber Design Lecture, the students are tested on their understanding of concepts, equations and code specifications on wood design through quizzes and exams. A student who excels in the exams is usually named as "Most Promising Structural Engineer." This year, Bertrand Teodosio gets the award specifically for getting a perfect score in the final exam including the bonus problem. He is Mr. 110%. Still Bertrand had to work harder - be more assertive - to realize that promise.