Thursday, October 9, 2008

20 Years of Civil Engineering at DLSU - Manila

In 2007, the Department of Civil Engineering of De La Salle University – Manila (DLSU-M) turned 20. In SY 1987 – 1988, through the initiative of Dr. Romeo A. Estanero and Dr. Angel Lazaro III, Dean of the College of Engineering then, the BSCE program was revived to produce qualified, specialized and research-oriented professional civil engineers. The DLSU-M BSCE curriculum pioneered the offering of specialization in Civil Engineering. The fields of specialization in Construction Technology and Management (CTM) and Structural Engineering (STE) were introduced in 1992, Hydraulics and Water Resources (HWR) in 1994 and Transportation Engineering (TRE) in 1995. Geotechnical Engineering (GTE) will also be offered soon. DLSU-M graduated its 1st batch of students in April 1991 and as of 1st Term SY2007-2008, there were about 854 Civil Engineering graduates. The DLSU-M Civil Engineering Family is very proud of its graduates who are now very much active in their chosen careers. DLSU-M CE Department also offers Master’s Degree programs, MSCE (Thesis option) and M. Eng (Practicum option) in all the fields of specialization.

I started teaching at De La Salle University - Manila in 1994 after earning my Doctor of Engineering in Civil Engineering from Japan. I served as the chair of the department for about three years. I feel proud to have shared my knowledge to many outstanding students who are now building their futures as professionals.

(Photo: The CE Faculty DLSU-Manila during the graduation last October 4, 2008)

Hey, La Sallian alumni civil engineers - share us your unforgettable moments and teachers during your stay at DLSU. POST your Comments!


  1. Mr DigS, ok sa pangalan a. Lipat ka sa multiply, mas user friendly. Anyway, congratulaions to DLSU CE Department!

  2. Mr DigS a.k.a. Doc Andy, of my mentors in engineering education...doc, i'll give soon my wonderful experience in DLSU-M CE...MORE POWER Mr DigS

  3. I am from DLSU-D, we are one family! Animo La Salle!

  4. To Control Valves: I would like DLSU-D and DLSU-M to do collaborative activities but can't find a break to start it ... maybe you can help us...