Monday, December 22, 2008

Understanding 2D Structural Analysis

In my computer laboratory class on "Structural Engineering Computer Methods", the students use Structural Analysis software like GRASP, ETABS and SAP2000. Learning to use the software is not the end itself but learning concepts on structural analysis is the primary objective of the course. To achive this objective, I wrote "Understanding 2D Structural Analysis" - an exploratory-type of instructional and learning material consisting of ten modules about modeling and analysis of framed structures in 2D using GRASP. Each module focuses on a specific issue on structural modeling and analysis which is discussed with the aid of graphical and tabular results obtained from GRASP. The set of learning modules is not a substitute to a textbook on structural analysis. The theory is not presented. No derivations or equations can be found. The student or reader must refer to the textbooks for definitions, equations and techniques. Each chapter begins with background information and a “case study”. The reader explores the issues raised in the case study through the “Things to Do” GRASP activities or by simply observing and analyzing the “Observation” and graphical and tabular results presented in the module. Included in the modules are “Things to Try” GRASP exercises and “Things to Ponder” comments on the analysis and design of structures. Using the set of learning modules, the reader or student with the aid of GRASP discovers important insights on the response and behavior of structures due to variations in the parameters of the model and configurations of the structure, changes in member and material properties, and also changes in the restraint and loading conditions. Through the graphical results, the student can visualize the phenomena and this would accelerate his understanding of concepts through the experience of seeing and interpreting solutions to various structural modeling and analysis problems. You may download this book from my website and use it in your class.


  1. dear Doc,

    i enjoy reading your books and papers, inspiring me to writes a free ebook with similar concept. the differentiations are comes from the structurual analysis programs being used, i'm using true educational software (2d frame analysis with GUI's).


  2. Syont:
    That's good. Write a book. Actually, I need to write a 2nd edition of this book.

  3. Hello,

    Does anyone have a GRASP Software LICENSE KEY, Somebody Help of my my add