Saturday, February 28, 2009

On TecQuipment Structures Teaching Apparatus

The Department of Civil Engineering (De La Salle University-Manila) will introduce a laboratory component in the undergraduate courses in the Theory of Structures and the TecQuipment’s (TQ) structures teaching apparatus will be used. Among the TQ apparatus purchased were for Frames (Deflections and Reactions), Beams Deflections, Pin-jointed Frameworks, Shear center, Unsymmetrical Bending, Beam Shear and Bending Moments. We are presently being familiarized on the use of the equipment by a local representatvie of TQ. There were some problems initially during the demo but the TecQuipment Ltd (UK) Engineering Manager, Andrew Darby BEng (Hons) immediately responded to the problems encountered. I can see a great potential for the TQ Structures Teaching Apparatus in enhancing the understanding of structural analysis concepts. I am looking forward to using these equipment in our laboratory class in structural analysis. As a matter of fact, I plan to write a teaching and learning manual using these equipment.


  1. hi doc andy! that's a thing for research po! can i visit personally that apparatus? i'm interested to study that...

  2. Ok...maybe during summer when the TQ tecnician comes to test the apparatus.. I plan to design a lab manual for this...

  3. ok doc andy...i plan to make my summer vacation productive while taking my hiatus from teaching...please do inform/update me. thanks po.

  4. Hi,

    My name is Andrew and I designed the TecQuipment structures Range equipment. Needless to say I Have a few comments to make about your article. I have sent a detailed comment to your e-mail.

    Kind Regards

    Andrew Darby

  5. My feedback is just based on what I observed while the TQ technician was demonstrating the equipment - .. he himself can not make the measurements right (or close to it)...

    Thanks Andrew for your prompt comment... I still have to use it myself to be able to learn the limitations of the equipment..