Friday, April 30, 2010

Recognizing Students' Outstanding Performance in Timber Design

The term has just ended at DLSU. To inspire my students who will soon graduate and become civil engineers, I presented recognition awards which I named Timber Awards in my class in Timber Design. The awardees were:
  • Jonathan Salumbides (Molave Structural Engineer Award) for outstanding analytical skills in Timber Design Exams and Quizzes
  • Jet Tugado and El Rey Morales (Yakal Structural Design Award) for outstanding design projects in the Timber Design Laboratory
  • Ammer Ali, Nieman Mayo and Aizel Llanes (Narra Group Research Award) for outstanding field and library research projects and teamwork

I presented a simple memento - a ceramic coaster - which they can display or use while they drink coffee while working as a civil engineer. Congratulations and hoping for a bright future.


  1. how i wish these awards were given in our time? hehehehe! Is there a "Bamboo Award", doc andy? This award should be given to resilient student, who, after failing the first major exam, he/she didn't give up and eventually, got a high score, if not perfect, in the final exam...

  2. yikes! sorry for the late reply.
    it's just a thought. can i adapt that rewards system to my class, doc andy?