Saturday, May 13, 2017

Tweaking De La Salle's CEO Priniciples for the MIllinenial Teacher

In my recent post, I featured power point slides based on the book, De La Salle, CEO (2004) by Napoleon G. Almonte. The slides are the ten corporate leadership principles that can be practically be applied by leaders and managers of organizations. As I reflected on my power point slides, I realized that Almonte’s list is more suited for leaders, managers and administrators. This may be the reason that there is little positive feedback from our faculty especially the young teachers – the millennial teachers when I share the slides at Facebook. “Millennial teachers” is defined hare as teachers teaching the Generation Y Millennials (born between 1981 and 1999) and onwards.  I need to tweak (“adapt” is a better word but “tweak” seems appropriate especially when applied to “millennial” teachers) Almonte’s list of 10 CEO leadership principles so that they become relevant and more appropriate to the millennial teacher. The same 10 principles are adapted but tweaked to be suited to a teacher. The “tweaking” of the 10 principles are personal and based on my experience as a university teacher for more than twenty years.

Read/download the article on the "Ten Tweaked Principles of De La Salle for the Millennial Teacher" at  TWEAKING De La Salle’s 10 CEO Leadership Principles for the Millennial Teacher by andyoreta6332 on Scribd

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