Saturday, November 1, 2008

Riding the World’s Fastest Elevator at Taipei 101

I reached level 89 of Taipei 101 last June 2007 using the world's fastest elevator with a top speed of 1010 m/min (63 km/h or 37.5 mph) The ride from B1 to the observation deck at level 89 was comfortable and took only 39 seconds. The elevators installed by Toshiba contain pressure control systems which adjust the atmosphere inside to prevent ear-popping. Taipei 101 is currently the official world’s tallest building, but come 2009, Burj Dubai in UAE with 141 floors will claim this title once its construction is finished. Observatory elevators with speeds of 18m/s (40 mph) will be installed at Burj Dubai. With fast elevators like this, it will take less than 2.5 min to go up the conceptualized 2.4 km tall Dubai “Vertical City” Tower! Read my blog on "Reaching for the Sky". Reference: and


  1. It's very exciting to know that the technology to build mega tall structures is already around. It seems money is just the problem.

  2. take time to watch Discovery Channel guys! time to relax at the same time, learn...