Friday, November 14, 2008

Understanding Eathquakes& Disasters:Photo-Video

Computers and multimedia equipment have become popular tools in public presentations. In most conferences or seminars, a multimedia projector has become a common equipment. Recognizing this fact, the use of multimedia may be used for effective public awareness and education. However, there is a lack of multimedia software or presentations that are readily available for public use. It is for this reason, that I pursued the creation of photo-video presentations to be used in schools and public lectures. The photo-video presentations consists of photos or images integrated with text and music by a video editing software. The techniques and tools needed in producing personal multimedia presentations are discussed in a paper in my website:
Understanding Earthquakes and Disasters: Photo-Video Presentations” is a project funded by the DLSU-Manila University Research Coordination Office (URCO). It consists of eight short presentations (watch the video clip below to know the 8 photo-video presentations) which can be played using a DVD player or a computer with Windows Media Player or similar software. The main focus of the photo-video presentations is the impact of earthquake hazards – ground shaking, surface rupture, liquefaction, tsunami, landslides – to the community and infrastructures. By presenting the effects of earthquakes, the public will understand their vulnerability to the different types of seismic hazards. And by knowing ones’ vulnerability, appropriate actions can be done to mitigate the adverse impacts of the hazards and avoid a disaster. Contact me if you want a copy of the presentation.
Introducing the 8 Titles in "Undertanding Earthquakes & Disasters: Photo-Video Presentations"

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