Sunday, April 19, 2009

CPE Seminar on Computer-Aided Modeling, Design & Analysis of Bridge Structures

Bridges are important structures in infrastructure projects such as highways, elevated expressways, flyovers and water crossings. The effective and efficient design of bridges requires a good understanding of bridge engineering principles and usage of modern computing tools. The objectives of the seminar are (a) To provide an overview of the theoretical and practical background on analysis & design of various types of bridge structures with a special focus on RC bridges, and (b) To introduce the use of up-to-date computing tools for the modeling, analysis, and design of bridge structures.
Dr. Naveed Anwar is the Associate Director of ACECOMS and an Affiliate Faculty of the School of Engineering and Technology of the Asian Institute of Technology, Bangkok, Thailand. Dr. Naveed is the principal author of several engineering software including SDL, GEAR, SYSDesigner. He is also a consultant of CSI, the developer of ETABS, CSI Col, SAFE and SAP2000.
For more info. about the program and fees: Go to the PICE-LNM Website.

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