Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Per Tveit's Network Arches

Prof. Emeritus Per Tveit, Dr. Ing. of Agder University, Norway, visited De La Salle University, Manila a few years ago to share his knowledge and expertise about Network Arches. "When I was a student over 50 years ago, I got the idea of the network arch. Optimal network arches are arch bridges where some hangers cross other hangers at least twice. When the arches are less than 18 m apart, the tie should be a concrete slab with partial longitudinal prestress. The arches should be universal columns or American wide flanges. Network arches are best suited for spans between 80 m and 170 m, but will compete well in a wider range of spans. This results in attractive bridges that do not hide the landscape behind them. A network arch bridge is likely to remain the world’s most slender tied arch bridge, " he says. Indeed, Tveit can be considered the "father of network arches." He traveled around the world using his own resources spreading the information about network arches - the basic components, analysis, design and construction. His website has detailed information about network arches.
If you want to know more about Network Arches, contact:
Per Tveit, Dr. Ing. dosent emeritus Agder University N-4876 Grimstad, Norway

Here is a YouTube video of Mangamahu network arch bridge - the first of its type in New Zealand.

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