Monday, April 27, 2009

Visual Basic Games in Civil Engineering

In the laboratory course on Computer Methods in Civil Engineering at DLSU-Manila, aside from computer applications in civil engineering, I required the students to create game applications related to civil engineering. The randon number generator function is a very useful function in game simulations. These game applications may be used to review the students on their understanding of the concepts and equations in civil engineering. Student competitions may be conducted using the software to make the class more interesting and enjoyable. Through these activities, the students’ understanding and retention of the concepts hopefully may be improved. Here are the GUI's of some of the game applications created by the students.

Hangeneering by J.P. Sy and D. Baluyot. Based on the game, "Hangman", this is a game to test the student’s mastery on solving reactions in statically determinate beams. There is a time limit which varies from 30 seconds to 90 seconds depending on the level of difficulty. The program chooses randomly the figure and the beam parameters. There is a formula for getting the score of the player. The game will be over when the user answered incorrectly three times or when the time has run out. This game can be played in the Engineering Mechanics (Statics) or Strength of Materials class.

Jeopardeng by C. Fabie and R. Masa: This is an adaptation of the famous American game Jeopardy. The game has four different categories that cover various topics about civil engineering. Each category has four objective questions. There is a data base of questions which are selected randomly. The user answers all questions under the four categories in any order, aiming to bag a high score. After all questions have been answered within the time limit, the user is prompted to the “Final JeopardENG Round”; wherein a computational question will be asked to the user worth 5000 points.

This game can be played in class to review the students about civil engineering terms, concepts and definitions. A competition among students can be done with the student having the highest score declared as the winner.

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